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Voice lessons for beginners at Pleasanton Academy of Music:

Even if you haven’t sung before, there’s no need to worry because we can assist you in discovering your singing ability. Our belief is that anyone can sing, and we would take pleasure in helping you accomplish your aspirations. During our training, you will acquire essential techniques such as relaxed breathing, generating pleasant tones, expanding your vocal range, daily exercise routines, and mastering intricate vocal pieces in your preferred musical style.

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Best Voice teachers for adults

If you have been taking vocal lessons or performing in musical productions or ensembles for some time, our experienced vocal instructors can assist you in advancing to the next level. Whether you are experiencing discomfort while singing, seeking assistance in preparing for a challenging audition, or aiming to expand your repertoire by acquiring jazz or contemporary singing techniques, we can provide you with the necessary guidance. Additionally, we will utilize our expertise in vocal literature to help you select pieces that will highlight your vocal strengths and propel you to new levels of achievement.

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What can Pleasanton Academy of Music offer for teens and children?

Children who learn to sing before their voice changes can develop their ear, which is crucial to developing good pitch and tone. By learning how to read notes and identify intervals, they can strengthen their understanding of music theory and increase their overall musicality.
Additionally, learning how to breathe properly is a crucial part of singing, and children can benefit from learning proper breathing techniques early on. It can help prevent strain and damage to their vocal cords, which can lead to better singing in the long run.
As teenagers, their voice goes through significant changes, and voice lessons can help them navigate these changes and find their new adult voice. This can be especially beneficial for those who want to pursue singing professionally, as it can give them a competitive edge in auditions.
Overall, teaching a child how to sing before their voice changes and continuing voice lessons into their teenage years can provide them with a strong foundation in singing and set them up for success in their musical endeavors.

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For Adults

Adults who have been singing for years may have developed bad habits and tension in their vocal technique. However, the Pleasanton Academy of Music assures potential students that they can help them improve their singing voice in no time at all.

The school also offers assistance to adults who have trouble finding pitches and “singing by ear,” as they can help strengthen the student’s ability to hear intervals (steps and skips). Interested students can contact the school to schedule a trial lesson to see if voice lessons are the right fit for them.

Overall, if you are an adult who is interested in improving your singing ability, the Pleasanton Academy of Music could be a great place to start. Our experienced teachers can help identify areas for improvement and create a unique learning plan tailored to the student’s goals and experience.

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What about genres

Pleasanton Academy of Music offers a diverse range of musical genres for their students to explore, including classical, popular, jazz, and rock music programs. Our experienced teachers have participated in many musical genres and are equipped to help students reach their goals, whether they aspire to sound like Pavarotti, Ella Fitzgerald, Bryn Terfel, or Kurt Elling.
Pleasanton Academy of Music also encourages their students to participate in various student ensembles and performance opportunities, which can provide valuable experience and help students become confident singers in different genres. This hands-on experience can be crucial in developing a well-rounded musical education and preparing for future performances or auditions.
Overall, our diverse range of musical genres and performance opportunities can provide a well-rounded education for aspiring singers who want to explore different musical styles and become confident performers.

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How can I become a part of the Pleasanton Academy of Music?

Take a 30 minute trial lesson to make sure that this is one of the best decisions in your life.
If you have any questions – contact us via email musicpleasanton@gmail. com or make a call (925)200-6508 we will be more than happy to help you!