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Drum lessons for beginners and advanced players in Pleasanton Academy of Music, East Bay, CA

If you are a newcomer to playing drums or other percussion instruments, there is no need to fret. Our expert instructors will concentrate on guiding you through the essential elements, including how to hold drum sticks properly and operate the pedal, how to establish a steady beat, how to identify rhythmic patterns, and other fundamental techniques. Pleasanton Academy of Music will design a structured and efficient learning plan that caters to you or your child’s abilities, and you will progressively develop confidence and proficiency on the drums. Moreover, we will ensure that you have the opportunity to play along with actual music, not just practicing drills, so that you can derive more enjoyment from music during lessons.

Advanced Drum lessons in Pleasanton Academy of Music, East Bay, CA

After achieving proficiency in the basic techniques of drumming, we can delve into more complex skills such as double rolls, paradiddles, intricate grooves and rhythms, and other advanced techniques. At this stage, we will tailor our practice regimen according to your preferred genre of music, ensuring that you acquire the specific skills necessary to play the type of music you desire. With consistent dedication to practice, you will soon be able to join in with your fellow musicians and perform at a level that will leave your audience mesmerized.

The musical genres we teach at Pleasanton Academy of Music, East Bay, CA

Pleasanton Academy of Music offers a diverse range of musical genres for their students to explore, including classical, popular, jazz, and rock music programs. Our experienced teachers have participated in many musical genres and are equipped to help students reach their goals, whether they aspire to sound like Pavarotti, Ella Fitzgerald, Bryn Terfel, or Kurt Elling.

Pleasanton Academy of Music also encourages their students to participate in various student ensembles and performance opportunities, which can provide valuable experience and help students become confident singers in different genres. This hands-on experience can be crucial in developing a well-rounded musical education and preparing for future performances or auditions.
Overall, our diverse range of musical genres and performance opportunities can provide a well-rounded education for aspiring singers who want to explore different musical styles and become confident performers.

How can I become a part of the Pleasanton Academy of Music?

Take a 30 minute trial lesson to make sure that this is one of the best decisions in your life.
If you have any questions – contact us via email musicpleasanton@gmail.com or make a call (925)200-6508 we will be more than happy to help you!