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Anna Grosheva

Anna Grosheva, a piano virtuoso and seasoned musician hailing from Kazan. Her lifelong passion for the piano began at a young age, culminating in her graduation from a prestigious music school where she excelled in piano performance. Eager to expand her musical horizons, she also honed her flute-playing skills, adding an extra dimension to her artistry.

Upon her arrival in Moscow, Anna’s commitment to mastering her craft led her to pursue higher education in both musical and technical realms. Alongside her educational pursuits, she garnered extensive experience as a sound engineer and accompanist, showcasing her remarkable versatility in the world of music.

Anna graduated from Saint Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television.

Anna’s musical journey took her to esteemed theaters throughout Russia, where her talent shone brightly as she contributed to captivating performances. Her artistry even led her to embark on exhilarating tours with prestigious ballet companies, further refining her musical prowess.

Passionate about nurturing the next generation of musicians, Anna dedicated herself to working with children in the last 10 years. When you choose Anna Grosheva as your piano teacher, you are enlisting the expertise of a true piano maestro—a dedicated musician whose passion for the instrument shines through in every lesson, enriching the lives of her students with the transformative power of music.

Anna Grosheva

Piano & Flute Instructor