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Either you would like to register your child in violin lessons in Pleasanton, enroll yourself for cello lessons, or pursue the viola, our experienced and encouraging teachers would love to work with you.

We believe in providing a through an excellent, comprehensive string instrument education, so you will learn a perfect posture and technique fundamentals, read music, play with an excellent sound, and so much more. For beginners our instructors concentrate on perfect posture and technique fundamentals. We enjoy working with students from beginner to advanced.

If you would like to get started with string lessons, please get in touch. We would love to answer any questions you may have. We offer a no obligation 30-minute trial lesson for all interested students.

How Pleasanton Academy of Music is Different

A Teacher Proficient In Your Instrument

Ideally, to learn how to make a beautiful sound is to work with a skilled instructor on your instrument. On the lessons you will observe their technique up close, and as you practice and listen, you will try to imitate what you hear. Our string instructors perform in orchestras, chamber ensembles. You will get more benefit from a violin, cello or viola performer who is actively involved in music-making.

Our faculty members have years of teaching experience, and they have degrees from some of the best world renown music schools. They are eager to share their knowledge on to you or your child. If you would like to learn more, please contact us regarding a trial lesson..

Perform With Musicians In Chamber Ensembles

Pleasanton Academy of Music offers chamber music ensembles for advance students. As you progress in your one-on-one lessons, you will come the point where you are advance enough to play music with others musicians; these ensemble opportunities are a fantastic way to take your skills to the professional level. Ask your instructor for information if you’re interested in rehearsing and performing in an ensemble.


All Ages and Skill Levels are Welcome


Beginner Violin Lessons In Pleasanton

We love working with beginners and teach fundamental basic knowledge like producing a beautiful sound, music theory and you’ll work on scales and arpeggios along with pieces of music. We will help you to choose the right size violin or viola, teach how to hold the instrument and bow, and learn reading notes and rhythms. Our teachers create a unique curriculum for each student, so please share your personal goals and expectation with your instructor.

Intermediate And Advanced String Lessons

Our instructors have attended a university, conservatory, and currently professionally play solo or with an orchestra in famous performance halls, so they are more than qualified to help more advanced violin, cello, and viola players take their abilities to the next level. Our intermediate students will get profound knowledge of articulation, vibrato, contractions, extensions, and deepen your knowledge of music theory. Advanced students will continue to work on finger proficiency and technique, a fuller tone, professional music interpretation, and more.
We will always try to stretch your limits by successfully preparing for exams, tests and competitions. while spending as much time as we need to on difficult concepts.


Violin Lessons For Kids In Pleasanton

We believe there is tremendous value in enrolling a little kid in violin or music lessons. Youngest violin players we have is 4 year old. We teach them the essential technique, tone, rhythm and theory from a young age, and our instructors will work hard to inspire each student to learn and enjoy music.
Our violin instructors use Suzuki methods as well as classical one.


String Instrument Lessons For Teenagers And Adults

High schoolers and adults are always welcome at the Pleasanton Academy of Music. Beginner or an advanced performer, we can help you to improve in this field. To start off, we will talk to you about what you are expecting to achieve with the violin, viola, or cello lessons. We have advance students who want to audition for college or conservatory. Some parents are taking lessons so to be able to help their children to learn the same instrument. Some adult students playing a string instrument simply an activity they always wanted to pursue. We can tailor your lessons to your specific needs, and we will assign practice materials and repertoire that will help you to make quick progress.


Take A Trial Violin Lesson In Pleasanton, CA

We offer a 30-minute trial lesson for $30 to anyone interested in starting lessons at Pleasanton Academy of Music, and we are sincerely looking forward to working with you. Please let us know when you have time for a trial, and we’ll get started helping you reach your goals.