1024 Serpentine Ln, suite #118, Pleasanton, CA, 94566


+1 925 200 6508

Piano and voice instructor

Leah is a performer with a passion for singing. She has been performing all her life being part of
numerous choirs, musical productions, and even participating in forensics (speech and debate)
where she sang her way to becoming a 2023 Phi Rho Pi National Champion. She also has
experience in songwriting and vocal percussion.

Presently, she studies at Las Positas College working towards Certificates and an AA-T and
plans to transfer with a focus on Jazz Vocal Performance. She has performed with Vocal East,
the top auditioned ensemble on campus and was the solo vocalist for the jazz combos Swing
Set and The Hawk’s Nest Recording Studio Combo. She is involved in musical groups outside
of school as well. Leah has studied jazz voice with Ian Brekke and classical/contemporary voice
with Shauna Fallihee.

She hopes to create eager attitudes towards learning music by providing an environment where
students are allowed to freely express themselves and make mistakes without judgment. And to
allow students to work at their own pace while pushing them out of their comfort zone, because
everyone is more capable than what they let their minds limit themselves to. She hopes to not
only work on technique and theory with students, but also the fundamental aspect of telling a
story when performing.