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 If you are interested in guitar lessons in Pleasanton, CA, we’re happy that you’ve found us. Our instructors have earned advanced degrees in music. They perform professionally as soloists or in bands. They would love to pass their knowledge and experience along to you or your child.

We are thrilled to work with guitar students of all ages and levels, and whether you want to play classical, acoustic or electric guitar, jazz, rock, blues styles, we can help you to succeed in your goals. Get in touch for a FREE consultation appointment – we will schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Why Take Guitar Lessons At Our School?

Our experienced guitar teachers can teach and perform classical music, rock, and other styles at a high level. They have studied under guidance of the premier guitar educators in the United States at the collegiate and graduate levels, and they have a lot of experience to share with students. Our teaching approaches will help you reach your goals as a guitar player. Click the button below to get started right away!


What Musical Genres Do We Teach?

Our guitar teachers in Pleasanton, CA are fluent in different styles, including classical, rock, and jazz. For beginner students, our teachers will teach basics that can be used in any genre. As a student progresses, the teacher will imply more technical and genre-specific skills. Let us know what you are interested in, we will guide you to reach your goals, and while we will instill you with foundational music knowledge that can be applied to any guitar style.


What Else Will You Learn?

Theory, note reading, rhythm, chords and other important skills that you learn from guitar lessons. We will teach you drills, techniques, and theory that will give you the freedom to explore all styles. You will also learn how to interpret pieces of music, play with dynamics and expression, and more.

Performance And Recital Opportunities

Students of all ages at our school have the opportunity to perform in student recitals, participate in different competitions and festivals every year. We set aside our performance hall on certain weekends so our students can come together and perform for each other, family, and friends. It’s always remarkable when you can show your loved ones what you’ve been learning. Performing in front of others will build up your confidence and overall skill level.

Examination options

Individual approach to each student lets us achieve goals that we have set with them. Because of the excellent level of instructions, students successfully prepare for exams such as: Certificate of Merit, ABRSM and National tests.


Guitar Lessons for Kids in Pleasanton, CA

Are you looking for professional guitar lessons for your child? Pleasanton Academy of Music will pair your child with a teacher who can give them a basic foundation to develop lifetime interest in playing guitar. They will work on finger technique, learn chords, and read music. With the rapid progress your child will be able to play his or her favorite tunes. Your child will start by studying fretboard technique, hand position, single notes, with the progress students will learn full chords, scales, intervals, triads and dyads etc.

Guitar Lessons for Adults in Pleasanton, CA

Beginner, intermediate guitar player with experience or not, adults are always welcome at Pleasanton Academy of Music. You can be very specific and tell us what it is you’re hoping to learn, or we can guide you through an excellent, comprehensive guitar education. You’ll learn how to read guitar TAB and chord diagrams, then finger exercises, then basic guitar riffs, then some open chords, strumming patterns, and eventually you will be able to play your favorite tunes or practicing Francisco Tárrega. We will teach you how to play popular or classical guitar, and we would be happy to help you set and reach your goals. We work hard to ensure our lessons are still just as fun and productive as ever. Learn to play your favorite songs, on Acoustic or Electric Guitar. Develop your skills, without developing bad habits.

Get Started With a Trial Guitar Lesson in Pleasanton, CA

Still not sure if Pleasanton Academy of Music is right for you? We offer a no obligation $30 trial lesson, so please get in touch to book your guitar lessons in Pleasanton today! You don't even need a guitar to get started, as we can provide one for the lesson. Book your no obligation trial guitar lesson in Pleasanton Academy of Music today by giving us a call, text or email:

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